special FXs

Indoor Sparklers/Fireworks

Add an extra spark to your event space with the use of indoor pyrotechnics! An on-site technician will control the heights and spread of the sparklers to time it exactly for your grand introductions, first dance or any special moment! The cold sparklers are safe to touch, and sparklers have no real flame, fire, smoke or odor. The indoor sparklers do not require a fire marshal.

Low Lying Dry Ice Fog

Make your first dance special with the use of powered dry ice fog to give you a “dancing on clouds” atmospheric effect. This creates a magical feeling and is beautifully captured on camera! Dry ice fog is accepted by most venues and will not set off their sprinkler system. The machine does not use fog or haze juice. Additional power may be required.

C02 Gun

Surprise your guests by blasting a CO2 cannon! Cannons can be timed for exactly for your grand entrance, special moments, and beat drops when everyone’s on the dance floor! Handheld CO2 cannons last several seconds and can be used throughout your event!