How much to budget for a Bollywood Wedding DJ?

How much to budget for a Bollywood Wedding DJ?

Weddings are so exciting and congratulations on yours! As exciting as they are, they can also be stressful and figuring out how to budget is not an easy task. From a first look, it seems like playing music is all that Indian wedding DJs have to offer but, there is so much more that they provide which could elevate your event and factor into your total cost. 

     1. What to look for in a DJ and MC?

Passionate, sensible, energetic, punctual are just a few of the qualities your DJ and MC should have to help make your event flow as smoothly as possible. Find a DJ/MC duo that is truly honored to be a part of your event.

  • Passion will ensure they will do everything possible to make your event amazing
  • Sense, energy and timeliness are all characteristics needed to make an event flow as smooth as possible.
     2. What services do DJ companies offer?

 Each entertainment company differs in the services they offer and can provide. At Amplifire entertainment we have 5 main categories and are known to be very reputable for the quality of our services as a Bollywood DJ.  Within all these categories there are several different items that are at your disposal. These services vary in prices depending on the item, the quantity, and the labor.

The categories are:

  • Sound
    • Speakers, Mixer, Wireless Microphones, etc
  • Lighting
    • Uplighting, Patterned Lighting, Custom Monograms, Pinspotting, Intelligent Moving Heads, Wash Lights, etc
  • Dance Floors
    • Vinyl Wrap, Black Starlight, White starlight 
  • Special Effects/ Visuals
    • Low lying dry ice, Cold Pyrotechnic Sparklers, CO2 Guns, LED Video Wall, LED TV Screens

Things to consider with these services are that lighting and dance floor could change the whole look of a venue which would be cheaper than booking an expensive venue that has the ambiance you’re looking for. About 90% of venues need some sort of lighting package to enhance the look. About 50% of venues lack an aesthetic looking dance floor which could completely enhance the entertainment and look amazing in pictures. 

     3. What is the total cost for an Indian/Bollywood DJ?

So exactly how much does an Indian wedding DJ cost? That varies based on wedding size and number of events as well as the different services requested. 

Small Wedding (100-200 people): Ceremony and reception could range  anywhere from $3,500 USD – $5,000 USD

Mid Size Wedding (250-350 people): Sangeet, baraat/ceremony and reception could range anywhere from $6,000 USD – $10,000 USD

Large Size Wedding (400-600 people): Mehndi/Welcome party, pithi, sangeet, baraat/ceremony and reception could range anywhere from $6,000 USD – $30,000 USD

Extra Miscellaneous Costs to consider:

  • Distance is usually factored into the total quote 
  • Tips are greatly appreciated but not required 
  • Hotel and flight for destination weddings are usually covered by the bride & groom
  • These costs are the going rates for big city areas such as San Francisco, NY/NJ/MD area as well as destinations such as Mexico for Indian wedding DJs

A wedding is a memory of a lifetime and it is important to work with an entertainment company that is able to make your vision come to life. At Amplifire Entertainment we execute our client’s vision exceptionally while also musically entertaining them for each event.

We let our work speak for itself because turning dreams into reality is our passion. For any questions please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help! Happy planning!